March Madness Faves!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hi loves! Happy April Fools day! It's that time again, where I share my favorites from previous month. March was a crazy month, full of snow storms, hibernation, college basketball (GO CATS) and even good news!

Links to each look:

1 \\ 2 \\ 3 \\ 4 \\ 5 \\ 6 \\ 7 \\ 

|  The Pleated Poppy  |  My Girlish Whims  |  Shopping in my Closet  |  Because Shanna Said So  |  The Mummy Chronicles  |  Pampers and Pearls  |  Two Stylish Kays  |  Thrifting Diva  |  Vintage Gwen   |  Cappuccino & Fashion  |  Tucker Up  |  Mom's Morning Coffee  |  Book of Leisure  |  Posh Pair  |  Design Life Diaries  |  Pumps and Pushups  |  Get Your Pretty On |

Which look is your favorite? I bet you can tell which one mine is! ;)
Comment below!

Have a whimsical Wednesday!
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Oversized Aztec

Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy Monday loves! I hope you've all had wonderful weekends! Ours was a bit of a roller coaster of emotions. Our CATS won their game and are on the way to FINAL FOUR so we are ecstatic! I've also been doing my best to prepare for my first day in my new position (read all about it here!) but time has just flown by and I've learned that life doesn't stop just so you can adjust to new chances, so I have to fight through it and show up with a smile.

Today's look is simple and layered. We've had some confusing chilly weather here lately including SNOW on Friday. It may look sunny outside but it's been chilly and windy so I can't break out my dresses and short sleeve shirts just yet. I'll be layering my life away and praying for warming weather to come!



[ :: H&M Cardigan (similar) :: Old Navy Chambray Shirt (similar) :: Boyfriend Jeans (similar, similar) :: Ankle booties (similar, leopardheeled) :: London Fog Tote bag (similar, similar) :: Lipstick :: Watch (silver option) :: 

|  On the Daily Express  |  More Pieces of Me  |  Still Being Molly  |  Rhea Et Cetera  |  Fashionably Employed  |  Fizz and Frosting  |  Claire Justine  |  Cha Cha the Fashion Genius  |  Pink Sole  |  Not Dead Yet Style  |  Life of Meg  |  The Bon Bon Rose Girls  |  Whitney Nic James  |  Stylin in St. Louis  |  Her Heartland Soul  |  A Touch of Tartan

Have a fabulous Monday!
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$200 Kohl's Giftcard Giveaway Winner Announcement!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thank you to everyone who entered my $200 Kohl's gift-card giveaway last week! I really enjoyed reading all of your comments and I'm ready to announce the winner! This was my first solo giveaway and you guys were wonderful! 

There were almost 4,000 entries but the Rafflecopter widget has randomly selected a winner...
Congratulations Priscilla Sifuentes!! 

Please contact me within 48 hours via my email with your address or another winner will be chosen! I really want to thank all you so much for the amazing response to the giveaway!! There will be more Giveaways coming soon so stay tuned!!!

Also thank you so much for all of your love and words of encouragement on my announcement of my new job yesterday! I'm pretty much floating and I thank God for this new chapter I'm beginning in my life!
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New Beginnings: God's Timing Is Perfect!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Happy Wednesday loves! I’ve been bursting at the seams with incredible news! Sorry this won’t just be a simple outfit post, it’s going to be a bit of a story that ends with FABULOUS NEWS.  So check out my outfit of course and read all about it below...

Outfit photography by my sister, Diana Anosike


[ :: H&M Anorak (gray option, navy option) :: H&M Striped Shirt (similar, fun option) :: Old Navy Jeans (similar, similar) :: Target leopard scarf (similar) :: Booties (very similarsimilar, leopard) :: Forever 21 Taupe tote bag (very similar) :: Watch :: Maybelline Matte Touch of Spice :: ]

Some of you may know that a little over eight months ago, I walked away from a toxic “work” environment and never looked back. With the encouragement and support of my loving husband, I felt confident in leaving my last job after a year and a half. During those months, I applied to nearly 100 jobs in and out of my desired field of education. While I enjoyed spending more time at home with my husband and puppy, I did not treat this time as a vacation or allow myself to become comfortable because I knew that I wanted to do more and I wanted a career that challenged me both professionally and personally and allowed me to grow. 

The first few weeks were a real challenge for me. I thought I would find a better job in a matter of weeks and be refreshed and ready to get back into the workplace. But I realized life doesn't work like that and it took some real adjusting, of both my mindset and attitude. It actually took me  five months once I got serious about researching, meeting faculty, and networking for the right job that would get my foot in the door. With the love and gentle pushes to keep going from God, my hubby, my mom, sisters, and friends, I began to regain the confidence that I honestly didn’t know I had lost in the past few years. My friend and mentor played a huge role in getting me in front of the right people and continued to pray for me and cheer me on. Her only request was that I pay it forward and I plan to do just that. 
I can’t thank God enough for His grace, mercy, favor, and provision and for placing the right people in my life at the right time. God’s timing is infinitely perfect. And I’ve opened up to share a little of my story just to encourage you that if you are waiting on God to move in your life for something that He has called to you to do, please make sure you wait with intention. Make the moves that will get you where you need to be. Pray to God for guidance, ask Him to place people in your life that have your best interest at heart and that will help you along the way. Ask Him to open doors for you and make sure you’re a reflection of Him when you walk in those doors. God did it for me and I know He can do it for you.  
With ALLLLL of that said, I can officially say that as of last week, I’ve accepted a position in Higher Education at the greatest school ever, the University of Kentucky!! I'm so excited to get to work with talented high school students. My first day is Monday, and I’m trying to prepare now to balance my most important role as a wife, my new career *Squeals* and blogging. I will still keep this blog running. I still have so many dreams, upcoming projects, and plans for this blog so please stick around for a fun ride! 
Have the best Wednesday of your life!

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