HOTD!! [My Fro!]

Hey Loves! This is my hair after a twist out that humidity had its way with lol! I lost the humidity battle, and had no choice but to embrace it and ROCK it!! When the heat index is 105, my hair tends to be disrespectful! I will upload the results of a real twist-out soon!

~Stay cool and Fabulous! xoxoxoxo

Products used-Design Essentials natural curl stretching cream to twist at night and i spritzed my water and coconut oil mix in the morning after untwisting and fluffing!

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[Chocolatte's version of the Fro-Hawk!!]

Due to the sweltering weather where i live, this has been my go-to style for the past few days! I've really been having fun getting to know my hair in its natural state and also experimenting with new products! ;) Ive received so many tips from fellow naturals like my sis sorors and friends that have made things go so smoothly!!

-Products used for cowash- Say yes to carrots conditioner & aussie 3 min miracle -detangling-wide tooth comb and fingers! -styling/twisting-cantu shea butter leave-in, shea moisture CES,oil mixture, &bobby pins

Stay cool and fabulous lovelies!! ~Chocolatte :o))

#naturalhair #hotd

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Happy 4th sweeties!! I hope you’re all stuffing your faces with loved ones like i am! (lol) As you can see, im FINALLY allll natural!! I cant wait to blog about the natural hair lifestyle and share my hair journey with you as well as fashion! Stay fab loves!! Xoxoxo~

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OOTD! #Blackisbeautiful

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Happy Saturday Loves!! Lately, I feel like my blog has been leaning more towards nail trends (because as a polish collector, that comes easier to me lol) rather than fashion trends, but i really want to make my blog more well-rounded when it comes to fashion (my other passion) so expect more ...Outfits Of The Day“, ...Wish Lists“ & ...Trends Im Loving at the Moment“ posts very very soon!! Stay Fab! <3 ~Chocolatte xoxoxo~

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PepperMINT Patty...;o)

Hey Lovies,

I hope you’ve all had an amazing week!!! I have another NOTD to share with you all! This is a random gem i found at Rite Aid in my nail polish haul featured the other day. As you know, spring is here (even though its stil cold where I am), and pastel nail polishes are totally on trend for this season.

Above is NYC’s Hint of Mint polish,and this really is a perfect creamy minty green. It applied really smoothly (no streaks!!) for such a low end polish and a top coat wasn’t even needed. I love finding quality polishes for affordable prices. :) Anywho, I am on the pastel polish train and I’m enjoying the ride lol…what colors are you loving right now?

Chocolatte xoxoxo~
PS…do you love my new ring?? I cant stop wearing/looking it. Kinda reminds me of those gorg YSL rings i obssess over lol ;)
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Of course I had to throw in another pic of my lil booboo lol. Polo says Hiiii! <3
Have a Fab day lovelies! xoxoxo~

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Color Me Pastel ;)

These are the new pastel polishes I bought yesterday loves! I needed a bit of a pick me up and as I’ve said before “I collect polishes”…as soon as I spotted these on different displays, I knew I had to have them!
L to R:
Sally Hansen’s (Peachy Keen), Wet n Wild (Bite the Bullet), NYC (Hint of MInt), and Sally Hansen’s (Blue-Away)…

I am currently wearing Peachy Keen on my feet and Hint of Mint on my fingers!! I couldn’t wait to try these as soon as I got home. They applied beautifully and I will post more pics later! :) If you are a polish-a-holic, like me, go snag these before they sell out!
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Periwinkle Pretty...

Below is Secret Periwinkle by China Glaze. And this pretty lavender blue is unlike any other polish i own! I loved how it applied. It was so creamy, a little streaky, but after three thin coats, I loved the results!!!
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BLUE for you...

Below is a gorgeous blue nail polish from Ulta in Bluestreak. This is a creamy, vivid blue color that applies beautifully, this color payoff is only with two coats and no top coat. My camera kind of makes it seem matte but it actually  had a really glossy finish. I usually wait until Ulta has its sale or I use my monthly coupon before racking up! :) If you like blue polishes like I do, go grab one for yourself! What colors are you into this season?
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Hey Loves!!
I hope you have had a wonderful couple of weeks! ;) I survived midterms and enjoyed my spring break (and got a new puppy) so I can now upload more frequently! Anywho…here are some NOTD pics from the last few weeks. Some people collect dolls, I collect nail polishes…heheheh! :D

Below are some polishes I purchased a few weeks ago. L to R: Essie (French Affair), China Glaze, Revlon (Siren) These apply beautifully and creamy with only two coats. I’m new to Essie but I think it gives OPI a real run for its money in quality and pigmentation. I’ve really been into pastels lately as you will soon see when I post more of my nail polish pics. :)

Below: Isn’t this the prettiest, creamiest blush pink that makes you excited for Spring?!…(which is finally here) I usually don’t repeat the same polish color so close together but I totally re-applied it last week. What are some of your favorite pastel polishes this season?
Stay Fab Lovelies! xoxoxo~

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My New Baby!!! Sorry ive been away for a while again lovelies!! But ive been soo swamped with school and work and after tons of searching & research…I found my perfect lil boy teddy bear puppy…isnt he adorable?! Hes a baby and a big fuzzy handful who melts my heart…:) anywho, hope you guys are having an awesome week!!! More fashion/beauty posts coming soon! ~Stay Fab!! xoxoxoxo

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Vintage(y) OOTD!!

Hey Loves, here’s an outfit I put together for church a few weeks ago. It was a simple casual outfit made trendy and chic with gorgeous accessories!! Are you all as excited for Spring and warm weather as i am? Hope you like! :-)              



Leather Motorcycle Jacket: Target
Black Boyfriend Cardi: H&M
White V-neck: Wally
Grey Skinnies (I’ve re-fallen in love with!): Gap
Leopard Ballet shoes
Camel colored Hobo Bag & Cream colored Pashmina scarf: TJ Maxx
Necklace: H&M
Gold Boyfriend Armitron Watch
Stay Fab Lovelies!! xoxoxo~
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Hey Loves!! Boy have I missed all of you! I’m so sorry about being MIA but life has had its hold on me. But I’m back now with a bunch of ideas ;o)

Well, here are some pics of the looks i put together from a few weeks ago! This was before i went to a talent show at my alma mater with my sis, bf, and some friends! We always make anything fun and we had a great time!


Green Military Anorak: H&M
Fuscia Boyfriend Cardigan: Old Navy
White V-neck tee:wally
Skinnies: Wetseal
Grey Knee-High Riding Boots: Old Navy
Mosaic pink,purple,&brown scarf: Target
Accessories: H&M, Aldo, and Forever21
Camel hobo bag: TJ Maxx
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We fall asleep holding hands…Man…i just love him…<3

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Snowy & Gray...Out To Play!!!


This OOTD was actually two weeks ago lol! But I just had to share :) I am wearing my thrifted Christian Dior blazer I showed you all a couple weeks ago. I paired this gorgeous blazer with a nautical  white and navy striped top from H&M, blue skinnies, brown Wanted boots, LV speedy bag, fun jewelry and tons of laughs!! My boyfriend made me laugh while taking these…i think he did a really good job with these pics!
Stay Fabulous loves!! xoxoxoxo~
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(Jacket: H&M, Shirt: Gap, Jeans: Express, Shoes: Fossil, Glasses: Prada)
I decided to feature my bf on this OOTD because he has such great style!! Look how he paired the military jacket with the shirt and suede shoes, and the dark blue jeans made the outfit complete! He did it all by himself too lol. I wish he would have smiled but i love this look nonetheless!! <3

Check out his blog too loves!
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Love Is In The Air!!!

Hey Loves!! These snippets are from me and the bfs 5 yr anniversary! We had so much fun and I just love me some him!! Please ignore his pout, he hates taking pics. (lol) But he’s got such great style, I’ll include the full picture in another post!

Stay Fab and warm..for those of you experiencing snow storms! xoxoxoxo~
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I thought I’d experiment with collages to show my Outfits Of the Day for days when I can’t get my lovely sister or bf to take pics for me lol!! What do you guys think?
(Sweatshirt jacket, brown infiniti scarf, nude colored cardigan under jacket w cream cami, navy skinny jeans, and chocolate wedges)
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Flipping through these after a long day, makes me :-)) …

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OOTD- comfy cutesy

Hey Loves!! Here is another outfit of the day! It can be hard to look cute when you have to wear a down parka,mittens,earmuffs, and snowboots daily because of the freezing cold, but underneath all of that you can still look fab! ;o)
(Peachy pink boyfriend cardigan, brown frilly infiniti scarf, croc print watch, A Grape Fit by Opi on my nails -skinnies and snow boots not pictured-)
Stay warm & fab!! xoxoxo~
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OOTD! --class(y) casual...

Hey Loves! I’ve been super swamped this week with school/work!!! But i had to get my blog itch scratched (lol)…anyway, it’s been snowing and yucky where I live, so this is an easy, cozy, casual outfit I threw together for the day.

(Green tartan plaid shirtdress, honey mustard yellow pashmina scarf, goldwatch, and navy skinnies -not shown- with Royal Navy nails by ORLY!)
I hope you all are staying warm & FAB!! xoxoxo~
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Leopard Fever!!

Hey Loves, this is a random post, but I figured I’d share it anyway! :) Sooo I’ve always loved leopard print, but lately it’s gotten crazy lol. Anywho, when I saw this case for my droid, I just HAD to have it…isn’t it the cutest?
Stay Fab!! xoxoxo~          
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Nail Of The Day

Hello again loves!! As I mentioned in my last NOTD, I’ve been really drawn to the blue nail polishes in my nail polish collection. And this time I used Orly’s Royal Navy…this is a VERY bright, vivid medium blue with light blue flecks of glitter. A camera can’t capture the true brilliance of this blue hue. I achieved this look with just two coats and top coat for shine!
Stay Fab!! xoxoxo~
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Hey Loves! I was out thrifting and found these AMAZING blazers and I just had to share them with you…funny how you find the greatest things, when you’re not looking!! :o)
(LOVE this vintage mens blazer! Check out this lining!!! My camera didn’t capture it accurately but there is sky blue, brown, and cream threading in this blazer and I cant wait to style this!)
(Soooo I’m out thrifting and what do i come across?? A vintage Christian Dior perfectly tailored and lined CHRISTAN DIOR mens blazer!!!!…*insert Haaaalelujahhh*…we were so meant to be! lol)
(BRIGHT Cherry RED blazer from ebay stores! My camera didn’t do it any justice. lol. A wool texured exterior with beautiful red satin lining. ) 
(Thrifted Vintage blue blazer…with a lighter blue satin lining!!)
My obsession for Blazers has been calmed down…for now anyway ;) and I can’t wait to style these. I love how blazers are so multi-dimensional. You can wear them with collared shirts, tops, tanks, skinny jeans, dresses, skirts, leggings, and the list goes on and on!!
What are some vintage/thrifted items you all have found lately? I’d love to hear about them!
Stay Fab!! xoxoxo~
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Nail of the Day!!

Heyyy Loves, here’s another *NOTD*!! Sooo my camera didn’t really capture the true color of my nails. (lol) For some reason, they’re showing up matte, when they are really rich, creamy colors! 
I have really been drawn to all hues of blue polish lately, and decided to break the monotony of it with a splash of violet. ;)
what nail colors have you guys been loving lately?
Stay Fab!!!! xoxoxoxo~
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Sooo yall know how i was on a hunt for more blazers??? Found three gorgeous ones & i cant wait to show u guys later!! What fashion pieces are you drooling over?? Stay fab loves!! <3
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What I Wore Today...(well saturday!) :)

Hey Loves! I’ve been recovering from my tooth extraction (blah) and i’m just getting back in the swing of things in my program as well, so things have been really hectic! I’ve missed you all! :)

I wore this outfit to dinner with my sorors to celebrate our founders’ day Saturday! We had a BALL! It was great to catch up and share laughs over great food!!

I’ve really been loving mixing prints lately! What are some trends you’ve been experimenting with?
Stay Fab!! xoxo~
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My Lovely Gorgeous sissy!!! She’s also my HAIRspiration!!! This is so raw and dope!

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