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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hey lovies and Curlfriends!! Im back in school and working and have been neglecting my blog. But ill be back as soon as i can breathe...
Hope youre all staying fab as usual!!~ xoxoxo

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Embracing Fall Fashion Early!! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hey loves!! The weather is slowly cooling down where i live and im soooo excited because fall is my favorite season because of my birthday, fall fashion, ans the holidays! Anywho, i decided to pull down my collection of scarves and start embracing fall early!!! I love scarves and how the prettiest scarf can jazz up the simplest outfit. I've been collecting them for years and i cant wait to see what unique prints i find as fall and winter approach!! :)
I store mine in a pink storage bin and i tried to show you my favorite ones because i have wayyy too many to show you individually...but some of my favorite ones are the printed ones and bright colorful ones!!
Stay Fab!! ~xoxoxo

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HOTD- My Puff!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My hair was so dirty yesterday yall, but i just loved the results of this twistout!! It was so fluffy and soft and moisturized, it didn't fall the way i wanted to when i untwisted it, so up into a puff it went!! Lol! I was meeting a friend for dinner and drinks and decided to take a quick pic in the car! We had soo much fun catching up and alot of laughs! :) (dont our drinks look yummy?)
Products I used: shea butter mixture with a TON of essential oils (im experiencing Crazyyy growth!) and coconut oil to untwist!
Stay Fab! ~xoxoxo

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NOTD- Cherries On Top!!

Hey Loves! Coming to you with another nail of the day!! I was bored last night and decided to give red polish another try...ive always loved how red polish looks on other people but i never seem to love it on myself or it never seemed vibrant enough..anywhooo after two coats of the creamy polish with no topcoat,i actually found myself kinda liking it!!
What do you girls think? What are some of your fave red polishes?
Below are pics of the polish in sunlight and normal lighting!!
Stay Fab!! ~xoxoxo

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HOTD Inspiration-Pompadour!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hey Loves!! Todays hair style was actually inspired by one of the girls on YT i love!! She and I have similar grades of hair so i like to watch her channel and try out new styles and products she recommends!! :) This style literally took me 5mins this morning from a chunky twist out from two nights ago...
Products used: Shea Moisture CES to twist, Shea Butter mix i made to unravel my hair, bobby pins, and a wide tooth comb for fluffing is all you need. If you wanna see how its done, check out Iknowlee's tutorial below!!
Stay Fab!! ~ xoxoxo

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HOTD- My Hair Literally Does What It Wants!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sooo i rocked a fro-hawk yesterday...and below is a progression of changes my hair went through over the entire day....
1st pic- chunky twists taken down in the morning that were big fluffly and spacey (are those some waves i see at my roots? Lol)
2nd pic-midday, heat and humidity attacked my hair and some noticeable shrinkage but still slightly chunky and piecey!
3rd/4th pic- end of the day before going to see The Help with my girlfriends and its even more shrunken and less defined like a fro lol!
I love all three stages my hair went through and trust i rocked all three honey!! My hair has a mind of its own and i just roll with it..:)

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NOTD- Starbursts!!!

Morning Loves...im back with another nail of the day...for some reason after i was done with my nails, all i could think about was...starbusts! Lol
These are both such vibrant creamy colors and you'll learn that i pretty much only use creme polishes...my arsenal consists of mostly cremes a few mattes/shatters/glitter topcoats. im not a fan of irridescent polish or glitter inside the polish. Anywhoooo (lol)...i wanted something summery and bright and this is the result!! Great color payoff and only two coats, no topcoat needed :)
Colors used: Opi- Hot & Spicy and Ulta- Sunsational
What are some of your summer staple polishes?
Stay Fab!! ~xoxoxo

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Chocolatte's Fabulous Finds!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hey Loves!! Im going to start adding a thrifting segment to my blog! There are soo many wonderful things ive found in thrift stores for such great prices, so from now on when i scoop something up ill snap a pic and post it for you and hopefully ill encourage you to go thrifting in your own cities! :)

While out thrifting with my boyfriend a few weeks ago, i found this glass tray and immediately i thought this would be amazing to use to organize my lotions, perfumes etc on my armoire!! Its so pretty and unique and get this, only $3!! Lol honey i snatched it right up!! It goes perfectly with my things...what fabulous finds have you found lately???

Stay fab!! ~xoxoxo

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Chocolatte's Summer Reads!!

Ive loved reading pretty much since i learned how...lol. I own a bookshelf full at my apt and back at my parents house! Anyway, this summer ive been reading two books at the same time! (I tend to do that) & since im in grad school i dont really read "deep" when i have free time lol. I love cheesy fun girly or romantic books!

Ive been reading "The "Vow" & "The Best Man"...(ironically both about weddings lol) The Vow is about a pact four sorority sisters made to get married by the end of the year and what they planned to do...and The Best Man is a romantic anthology by some of my fave authors!! I plan on getting a Nook soon but ill always enjoy the art of "turning pages" lol! What are some of the books you've read this summer??
Stay fab!! ~xoxoxo

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My poopoo happy after going to the Doggy Spa!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Isnt he cute yall? Happy Saturday! Hangin with my sissies and going to see Bruce Bruce the comedian tonight!! Enjoy your weekend loves!!

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Nails of the Week!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Sooo i used to polish my nails daily..but ive learned.its not really practical when im always working with kids lol! So these are the two colors i wore this week!!

Revlon- Candy (a beautiful bubble gum cream color)
Sally Hansen- Pacific Blue (a vibrant creamy ocean blue color)

Although i love Opi and Essie i love that i can get a really great color payoff from these drugstore polishes!! 2 coats and a topcoat is all i needed. I love doing my own nails and being able to switch up colors whenever my moods change!! :)

What are some of your favorite summer polishes??

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Hair Of The Day!!

Hey Lovelies!! This is my hair after at kind of "tiny twist out"..Lol once humidity hits my hair, my hair forms really piecey tiny curls.
Products used: Water, shea butter, and coconut oil~

What styles & products are you loving lately?

Stay fab and cool out in this heat!! Xoxoxo

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