Sunny & Plaid...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Tuesday Loves!
I hope you all had a great weekend :) Mine was spent working on papers and projects that were due...the grad school life! lol. Anyway, I thank God I made it through one of the hardest weeks ever and with so much help from the boyfriend! He's amazing! I don't have much of a story to tell about what inspired this look, except after a weekend spent cooped up studying, when I saw the sun shining yesterday, I knew something bright and vibrant was in order. So I decided to throw on my vintage RL button up, yellow thick and cozy sweater (with pearls of course ;)), my navy skinnies, my sissy's combat boots, and my LV Speedy bag to go out and enjoy the day. I also brought my H&M anorak along for the inevitable temperature drop where I live. lol! Bright colors and layering on a gorgeous day, who could ask for more? Enjoy the pics and your day!

I feel like I just got the hang of the layering trend and I absolutely love it! You will see a lot more layering in future posts until Spring decides to stay permanently. What trends have you ladies been enjoying lately? Thanks again for reading, commenting, and following my blog! (It means the world to me) *waves* at my new followers!! :o)
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Monday Blues...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Monday Loves!

I hope you all had splendid weekends. My mom and little sister came to visit my sister and I, so we have been busy showing them around, shopping, and sightseeing. I had a wonderful time with them but I neglected my schoolwork and my blog, but I'm baaack! My family just left this morning and I wish we had more time together, and needless to say I am having a bad case of the Monday blues. I kept my outfit really casual today. I wore some caramel chinos, a denim button shirt and simple accessories with my vintage purse.

My fashion blogger/stylist mind kept telling me to layer on a vest, a scarf, a belt, or a jacket/blazer to try and jazz up this outfit, but sometimes, less is truly more. And this outfit absolutely fit my mood and the weather perfectly.  My sweet puppy Polo also wanted to join in on the picture taking fun and made a cameo! Enjoy the pics!

Despite my "monday blues", I am so thankful for the chance to spend time with my family and my boyfriend this weekend. Sometimes focusing on my blessings helps takes the focus off of what is making me sad. Thanks for reading, commenting, and following my blog! (I hope you're all here to stay :))  
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What To Wear For Valentine's Day!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Monday Loves!
Are you all excited about Valentine's Day tomorrow? I sure am! And honestly I don't need or want anything but to spend more quality time with the boyfriend, show him how much I love him, and see his face when he opens his gifts.  Oh and he told me not to buy him anything but I'm not listening :P

Anywho, this outfit is an idea I am considering wearing on our date tomorrow. I have to try and be prepared for anything because he already has the night planned (in fact, he said tomorrow is only part 1, and he has more in store!) and the whole thing is a surprise. So I'm thinking about going against the grain of the usual red and pink color pallets to plan my outfit and rocking my vintage Tiffany blue blazer instead. Along with pops of pink accessories, my rose gold jewelry and watch, and of course a pink lip ;) What do you ladies think? If I end up wearing something different on our date, I will do a follow up post to show you ladies :) Enjoy the pics!
Decided to rock the 'Fro!

Why was this "Rent me" sign so funny to me?? :P

Introducing my gorgeous sister from behind the lens
of all my posts!

She rocked the androgynous trend effortlessly
and the bright pink coat is perfect for Valentine's Day!

Could you all tell we were freezing?? The sun was out but it was 29 degrees! Burrr... But I'm a trooper and I wanted share this possible Vday outfit with you ladies. And please don't forget that even if you're single or don't have a date, you can still show someone how much you love them, whether it's a family member or friend and have a ball on this very special day!! What are you ladies considering wearing for Valentine's Day? As always, thanks so much for taking the time to read, comment, and follow my blog :)

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Leopard, Leather, & A Maxi Skirt

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hi Loves!
It's almost the weekend and I for one am super excited! I can't wait to go to a movie and dinner date with my boyfriend and go shopping and thrifting together! Thrifting is one of our fave past times (don't judge) lol! Anyway, yesterday we got some snow where I live, and I was inspired to put this outfit together. Unfortunately, the snow had melted by the time my sis could take pics of my outfit, but we made it work! It was a little cold for just my maxi skirt, so I have on thick leggings under with my black Steve Madden OTK boots. I love the satin shirt I found in Old Navy for $3!! They have such cute things every once in a while! I tucked it into my maroon-orange Forever 21 maxi skirt and finished the look off with my favorite black leather jacket and I've had it for almost 4 years now. My copper statement necklace was gifted by my boyfriend from Francesca's...he has great taste!  Finally, I added my acessories and my favorite leopard scarf for warmth but let's be honest, I'll take any opportunity to add a little leopard to any outfit. ;) Enjoy the pics!


Wha'ts the weather like where you are? Are you ladies as excited for Spring to get here as I am? Stay warm and as always, thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, comment, and follow. It means the world to me! **xoxoxo to my 3 new followers and all of you who continue to support my blog**
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Polka Dots & Layers

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Monday Loves,
I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Today's outfit is inspired by my desire to "shop my closet" and make new outfits from the pieces I already own as well as my growing love for layers and all things polka dots! I improvised my denim jacket for a chambray shirt and FINALLY broke out my fur vest that I bought in 2010 for the first time! Sometimes it takes the perfect outfit to break out a statement piece and that is exactly what this vest is. So I paired my vintage over sized polka dot top with a pink skinny belt to cinch in my waist and give the outfit more shape with my black skinny jeans and cognac riding boots. I also brought out an oldie but goodie Nicole Lee bag that my sis got me two Christmases ago. I just love it! Enjoy the pics!

Do any of you ladies know of where I can find cute affordable polka dot tops to add to my wardrobe? I'd appreciate any suggestions :) As always, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Please feel free to comment below or follow! 
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