6 Summer Sandal Faves!

Friday, May 31, 2013

6 Summer Sandal Faves!

For some reason this summer, I've developed a little bit of what I'd like to call "sandal fever"! I've been purchasing sandals almost every week! (shhhh...don't tell my fiance!) Well I've recently joined ShoeDazzle and that's not making matters any better!

ShoeDazzle is the original online personal-styling innovator treating millions of women to a monthly showroom filled with on-trend, personalized shoe and accessory recommendations. 

To join, you take a really fun quiz so ShoeDazzle can get to know your style. Based on the results of the quiz, ShoeDazzle gives you your first showroom of shoes and handbags they think you’ll love. At the beginning of every month you will receive a new selection that fits your individual style, and as new styles get added to the site throughout the month, they continue to tailor your personalized recommendations! I was so excited to see my personal showroom when I signed up y'all, I'm talking amazing sandals, heels, wedges, pretty much every girl's dream shoe collection for the summer! If you want to see what I mean, take a look at some of my fave picks from my ShoeDazzle showroom above!

Want to take your own quiz and/or browse the site? Click here! Take the ShoeDazzle quiz and make a purchase within 2 days of taking the quiz and get 25% off your first item ordered.

Thanks to ShoeDazzle for sponsoring today's discussion!

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  1. I really like the blue and pink, pointy toe sandal! The colors and shape is what attracted me! :)

    Great picks!

  2. Cute picks. I like the pink and blue heels the most. :-) Too bad I don't like wearing heels. Have a great weekend!



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