The Olympics are sadly coming to a close this week and I’ve loved watching some of my favorite events: gymnastics, swimming, and track! It’s been awe inspiring watching so many Olympic Queens absolutely dominate their sport category. Simone Biles, the obvious favorite and part of the Final Five gymnastic team brought… View Post

Y’all there are moments where your soul is set on fire and you experience true inspiration. That moment happened last night for me when I watched the First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama speak at the Democratic National Convention. By the end of her speech, I had goosebumps and let’s… View Post

Happy Tuesday loves! Today’s feature is none other than (my bestie in my head), Serena Williams!! Most of you may not know but I played competitive tennis until I entered college and she was my inspiration and idol. That was years ago and she’s still inspiring me and so many… View Post

Happy Tuesday! Did you enjoy your 4th of July weekend? Hubby and I ate and vegged and ate some more while  marathon watching Friday Night Lights…(why didn’t y’all tell me about this show? It’s amazing!) It rained a lot and we were thankful for a valid excuse to be hermit… View Post