Chioma of Chioma's Evolution of Style is a twenty-something elementary education grad student and educator currently residing in Kentucky. She has always loved all things style and fashion related, and from that, in 2010, this blog was born. CEOS started as a way for Chioma to simply share her style ideas and allow this space to act as a style diary/lookbook to strengthen her style. But since creating CEOS, she has also been able to develop a working closet of classic, timeless pieces and has found herself shopping less and re-styling what she already owns. Chioma hopes CEOS serves as a welcoming stylish haven for all of her readers to continue to embrace their individual styles and become more confident in who they are from the inside out. This blog provides style guides that encourages the everyday woman to be stylish with pieces she already owns. It also encourages women to be fashionable and stylish on a budget. In the past year, CEOS has been presented with various amazing partnership & sponsorship opportunities and has also grown as a writer, as she has since published multiple articles on Lucky's Online Magazine website. None of this would be possible without the constant love and support of fellow bloggers and all of her lovely readers who mean the world to her!

Random Facts About Chioma:
-Her Husband and her are college sweethearts!! They dated for 8 years and he proposed to her on 9/23/12 and were recently married on 5/31/14!
-She is 5'10 and has been this height since middle school! She is slowly going to brave incorporating heels into her wardrobe this year! (hold her to this resolution lol)
-She enjoys watching indie films and romantic comedy movies on Netflix
-Her birthday is November 15th
-Anyone who knows her, knows she LOVES vibrant color!
I found I could say things with color and shapes 
that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for." 
-- Georgia O'Keeffe 
-She has a 3yr old shichon puppy named Polo and he's 3 handfuls, but her baby!
-She is the oldest of two sisters who she loves dearly
-She loves to travel with her husband and friends and when she's out of town she refuses to eat at chain restaurants lol
-She is a music head. Most of her most memorable moments are attached to music. She loves how a certain song can play and she can associate it with a wonderful memory :)

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