Chocolatte's Summer Reads!!

Ive loved reading pretty much since i learned how…lol. I own a bookshelf full at my apt and back at my parents house! Anyway, this summer ive been reading two books at the same time! (I tend to do that) & since im in grad school i dont really read “deep” when i have free time lol. I love cheesy fun girly or romantic books!
Ive been reading “The “Vow” & “The Best Man”…(ironically both about weddings lol) The Vow is about a pact four sorority sisters made to get married by the end of the year and what they planned to do…and The Best Man is a romantic anthology by some of my fave authors!! I plan on getting a Nook soon but ill always enjoy the art of “turning pages” lol! What are some of the books you’ve read this summer??
Stay fab!! ~xoxoxo