Jeans for All Body Types!

good pair of jeans is the bread and butter of any woman’s wardrobe. Get the
right pair and they can be worn with everything, dressed up or down depending
on your mood or where you are going. The right pair can extenuate your figure
and help you to disguise the bits you are less fond of, and there is nothing
better than a bum in a pair of great fitting jeans. There is little worse,
however, than a pair of ill fitting jeans, and choosing the wrong style for
your body shape will draw attention to all the wrong areas and hide your best
bits. You don’t need to go designer to find the perfect pair; you can find some
wonderfully stylish and good quality jeans in the range of womens
clothes from George at ASDA
. Work out what your body shape is and pick some
jeans that flatter your figure.
may usually size up to try and cover up in jeans, but this is actually going to
make you look bigger and give you loose fabric around the knees and thighs. Be
brave, the best thing for apple shapes is actually denim with a fairly high
stretch content. Apple shaped ladies usually have some cracking pins, so stretch
denim emphasizes your lovely legs. If you go for a pair with a slightly higher
waist, the stretch content will effectively pull in any wobbly tummy area you
are trying to minimize.

with an hourglass figure may find it difficult to find jeans that fit on the
waist and on the hip, and will often have problems with gaping denim. Go for a
mid rise jean that sits between the hip and the belly button, as this area will
not be dramatically different like your waist. Make more of your beautiful
curves by wearing a wider legged trouser, as this balances and emphasizes your
hips and waist.

with a wider bottom half should avoid anything that clinches in at the thigh.
Slim fit bootcut jeans and skinnies will just draw attention to your hips and
bum and make them appear bigger than they are. Go for a low rise overall flare.
This will drop your waist, elongate your legs and slim down your fabulous


or athletic ladies can wear most styles of jeans, but if you are worried about
looking androgynous then opt for a pair that balance your body and give the
illusion of curves. The best way to do this is with a pair of mid-rise slim
bootcut jeans. The tightness on the bum and upper thighs will draw attention to
these areas creating curves, and the kick of the bootcut at the bottom will
balance you out and make your whole silhouette appear more curvaceous.

women spend their entire life trying to find that perfect pair of jeans. If you
know your body well and stick to the basic guidelines you can find something
that suits, without buying 50 different pairs in the process. Once you’ve found
your favorite pair of jeans you will stick with them for as long as they last, so
much so that it is sometimes worth buying two pairs the same, in case you can’t
find them again when they need replacing!

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