Take Two: the Best Sports for Couples

Having a fitness buddy is one of the most effective forms of motivation, and some studies even indicate that working out with your squeeze can make you a happier, more harmonious couple. You’ll learn to work together better as a team, provide much-needed encouragement to achieve goals, and lead a lifestyle that will help you look toned, trim and energetic. So what are the best sports for you to pursue these benefits together?
Get all fired up on center court with a heated game of fast and furious tennis. With all the running around, you’ll soon feel fighting fit. Be warned: if you’re at all competitive, it’s best not to play against each other. Instead, play doubles with friends to strengthen your bond as a team, both on and off the tennis court.
It’s so much easier to hit the tarmac on a dreary day if you have someone by your side, and safer than stuffing your headphones in your ears and going it alone, especially on dark winter mornings. Setting a goal together and working towards it is a good bonding exercise for couples, whether it’s running continuously for ten minutes, or completing a half marathon.
What’s more romantic than heading on a hike to the hills with your sweetheart and a decent pair of walking shorts? Hiking into the wilderness for the weekend allows you to reconnect with each other at a remove from the distractions of the Internet, TV and work. Navigate to a quiet spot, and enjoy a lakeside view as you munch on picnic food. Challenge each other to go further, and walk for longer, then, light a bonfire at night and snuggle up under the stars to roast some marshmallows before retiring to your romantic cabin.
You just have to tune in to a show like Dancing with the Stars to see the benefits of taking up the tango with your partner. Fox-trots and cha-cha-chas can boost your circulation and rapidly tone you up. Take dancing lessons together to meet other couples and slicken your quickstep, or just stay at home and play a dancing game on your games console. You might be giggling when you see each other flailing around trying to match the moves on screen, but you’ll burn up to 300 calories an hour!
Taking time out to get fit together can make you happier and healthier. Just try not to be too competitive. You don’t want a falling out!