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I’ve always loved food because it’s something that can unite and bond people from all cultures. After watching the Western Union video below, I began to feel a little homesick. Living 7 hours away from the state I grew up in can be hard, especially around the holidays. As newlyweds we kind of had to develop our holiday rotation, I celebrated Thanksgiving with my husband and my family and Christmas with my husband and in-laws. I enjoyed making new memories with my new family but missed my family very much. All of this got me thinking about how my parents must feel around the holidays every year. As Nigerians, 90% of their family still live there. They both moved here to further their education and create a better life for themselves and later my sisters and I. Distance aside, my parents have always kept in touch with our family back in Nigeria by emails, phone calls, and traveling. My mom has always used Western Union to send money to our family in Nigeria.
One of my favorite dishes my mom made for us is spaghetti. We grew up on it and it has become a staple meal that I now make and more recently, baked spaghetti (pictured above) for my husband and I. I love how cultures can pass down recipes and favorite meals from generation to generation. 
Why a video about food? Well, Western Union’s aim is to connect people globally. As we all know, food is a connective tissue to a person’s family and culture and a popular topic on WU’s social channels.  #WUHomedCooked is a heartwarming storytelling video, where Western Union surprises and delights our customers with their favorite meal from home from their families. Take a look for yourself!

Pictured above is a traditional Nigerian dish, Egusi soup and Fufu. My mom makes it and I absolutely LOVE it, I’m serious, my mouth immediately begins to water. I’ve been planning to try making it by myself for the first time. I plan to soon, and when I do, I’ll share it here or on my Instagram page, so stay tuned! 
What are some dishes that have been passed down in your family? When you eat certain meals do you find yourself feeling a little homesick, or missing your family?
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  1. January 19, 2015 / 10:21 PM

    That baked spaghetti dish looks delicious! I love pasta and tomato sauces so much! I made something like for my husband after finding a recipe for Pizza Casserole on Pinterest. Please do share your Egusi soup recipe! My aunt made it for me and my sister over Christmas and it was delicious!